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V Series Single Shaft Shredding System

V Series Single Shaft Shredders are small to medium size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size.


The shredded product can often be sold as is, or can be sent for additional processing through other equipment.  Through-puts typically range between300kg/hr –5,000kg/hr+ depending on the model, material type and application.


· Plastics –Mouldings, Purgings/Lump, Profiles, Films etc.
· Timber/Wood – Pallets, Joiners Waste, Green Waste etc.
· Paper & Cardboard – Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc.
· Copper Cable – Household, Telecoms and Industrial Cables including S.W.A
· Aluminum – Used Beverage Cans (UBC’s), Swarf, Cables etc.
· Textiles – Carpet (Rolls & Tiles), Garments etc.
· Security Destruction – Counterfeit Items, Faulty Goods, Out of Date Stock etc.
· Foam – Production Waste etc.

Standard Features

Energy Efficient + Maximum Cutting Force & Productivity
· Shock Absorbing Gearbox reduces Stress on Drive Components
· Rotor Knives can be rotated and used on four edges before replacement.
· Long Life Counter Knives can be adjusted to maintain cutter clearance
· Quick Change Screens for accurate particle size control
· Segmented Shredding Chamber Floor with Brass Guides & PU Slides
· Twin Speed Hydraulics with integrated air cooler
· Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel with Siemens PLC Control System
· Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards

SEM Vision Series Spec Chart photo VisionSingleShaftShredderSeriespdf-AdobeReader814201391933PM_zpsc681a4ba.jpg

For complete technical data and more information, including more pictures, please download Vision Series Brochure (Top Right Corner of Page).

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