Used Equipment

Please view our used equipment that is for sale.  Check back often to see more items.

50HP Granulator

Rotor length: 800mm (31.5") Rotor Diameter: 420mm (16.5") Chamber Size: 31.5" x 16.5" Dimensions: approximately 65" x 57" x 90" Rotation Speed: 580rpm Main Drive Motor: 50hp Sold As Is, Where Is.  No warranty available. 

100HP Granulator

100 hp 480 volts Year 2014 Sold As Is, Where Is.  No warranty available. 

Vecoplan RG 52-100

480 volts Year 2011 Sold As Is, Where Is.  No warranty available. 

4.5" Sterling Pelletizing Line

More Details Upon Request SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS.  NO WARRANTY

4.5" Sterling Sheet Line

Extruder: 1978 Sterling 4 ½, High base, L/D 36:1 Motor: Reliance 200 HP rebuilt with DC drive. Cooling: Water Cooled close loop Double vented 4 Rolls stack rebuilt Entire machine has been rewired Upon request we are willing to show you the machine .Also we can provide you reference from the previous owner. All drawing is available and serial numbers of each equipment. The equipment Is actually ready for production it ran 40 ...

92mm Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Used twin screw extruder and auxillariles.  Please see the full specifications below.  Twelve independent barrel sections water cooled 92 mm screws elements are changeable for different set up's 800hp  dc motor with control techniques dc drive 480v infeed Torque limiting module between motor and gear box Top of line henschel gear box w/water cooling and filtering Siemens touch screen operation ...

30HP Granulator

Rotor length: 600mm (23.6") Rotor Diameter: 320mm (12.5") Chamber Size: 23.6" x 12.5" Dimensions: approximately 56" x 47" x 87" Rotation Speed: 580rpm Main Drive Motor: 30hp Sold As Is, Where Is.  No warranty available. 

Guspro Cleaning Oven

Slightly used cleaning oven for cleaning plastics from metal parts.   Model: GP202018X PROCESS CHAMBER: WORKING ENVELOPE: 20" W X 20" D X 18" H INSIDE DIMENSIONS: 24" W X 24" D X 30" H DEDICATED 120V/ 1 PH/ 60 HZ SERVICE: 15 AMPS (OVEN) DESIGN LOAD: (Load that will be heated to 750 degree F in one hour or less) 800 POUNDS RACK LOAD CAPACITY: 2,400 POUNDS RACK SIZE: 20" W X 20" L OPERATING TEMPERATURE: ...

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