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GC Series Granulators

GC Series Granulators are high speed granulation machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass. These machines are ideal for processing a multitude of materials including plastics, rubber, copper cable and organics amongst others.

This series has many outstanding features. Rotor and counter knives are made from high quality steel. The material is cleanly sheared off between rotor knives and counter knives. A definite granulate is formed by the screen mounted below the rotor. This highly efficient granulating principle works with very small cutting gaps. The welded solid steel construction and compact design saves space. The two-pieced cutting chamber is divided at an inclined angle so the chamber can be opened easily and quickly. The easy access saves maintenance time. Bearings and housings are located outside of the cutting chamber to prevent dirt or dust from damaging the bearings. The grease does not get into the cutting chamber. Rotor knives and counter knives can be adjusted from the outside of the granulator. A knife setting gauge is a standard accessory. The distance between edge of the rotor knife to the screen can be set easily. Changeable wear plates made from special steel are mounted on both sides of the rotor. The standard GC granulators are prepared for connecting to air-extraction.

 Standard Features

  • Compact design minimizes on-site space requirements
  • Inclined, split cutting chamber design
  • Oversized, outboard spherical rotor bearings – prevents bearing damage due to product migration
  • Precision machined rotors (Forward set V-Rotor as standard)
  • Replaceable wear plates at either end of the rotor shaft
  • Standard machines are prepared for air extraction
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel - using quality Schneider (Telemecanique) components and Siemens PLC’s
  • Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards

GC Series Rotor Configurations

  • The standard open V-Rotor is suitable for most types of material. The double shear, V configuration of the forward set blades creates a highly efficient double scissor cut.
  • The C-Rotor is a heavy duty, high inertia, semi-closed design which creates a cascade cutting effect intended for processing hard or thick materials and also profiles.
  • The S-Rotor is intended for lighter duty applications. The greater shear angle and single shear design results in better performance when processing flexible materials such as plastic film.
  • A rear set V-rotor design with the blade mounted behind the support is also available for certain, lighter duty applications or granulation of pre-shredded materials.

Technical Specs

GC Granulator Series Tech Data photo GCSeriesTechSpec_zps52c66c3c.jpg

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