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Plastic Washing System

Our machines are capable of shredding, washing, separation and drying for post consumer or waste plastics (rigid and film). You will begin with waste material and finish with clean, dry flakes, that are ready for pelletizing, injection or blow-molding. The main applications are agricultural film (containing up to 70% sand and mud); injection and blow-molded products; and bottles (PE and PET).


Flow Chart

  1. Granulator/Shredder
    A wet grinding machine equipped with a V-cutting technology rotor and flame-treated hardened knives cuts and washes the material.
  2. Turbo washer
    A high speed washing machine with screen washes the material; dirt comes out from the screen with the water.
  3. Sink-floating tank
    A tank separates different materials by their density.Light material is discharged from the end of the tank while heavy material is discharged by bottom and side screws.
  4. Spiral washer
    Material is washed again in order to achieve high cleanliness.
  5. Mechanical dryer
    Water is removed by high speed centrifuge.
  6. Thermal dryer
    This second dryer has electrical heat to further dry the material using high temperature.
  7. Packaging unit
    Double output allows bagging twice in one batch.

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