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GXC Series Granulators

GXC Series Heavy Duty Granulators are designed for high throughput size reduction of larger-sized products in a single pass. These machines are also ideal for secondary granulation when positioned behind pre-shredders in various types of recycling systems. With various different methods of wear protection such as replaceable wear plates and resistant surface coatings, the GXC machines are well suited to processing abrasive, contaminated materials such as glass filled plastics and dirty films containing sand.

GXC Series Rotor Configurations

GXC series machines are supplied with our open V-Rotor which is suitable for most types of material. The double shear, V configuration of the forward set blades creates a highly efficient double scissor cut, and guides material to the center of the cutting chamber. This results in reduced power consumption, even blade wear, reduced wear on the chamber sidewalls, and optimum throughput. The open design of the rotor lets material expand and move, which creates good airflow through the machine. The airflow minimizes heat buildup and fines production. Granulators can be supplied with 3, 5, 7 or 9 rows of rotor blades depending on the model. A rear set V-rotor design (known as the VS-Rotor) is also available for certain, lighter duty applications.

The C-Rotor is a heavy duty, high inertia, semi-closed design intended for demanding applications. The large number of individual blades is held by strong supporting segments and can be replaced piece by piece if required. This design creates a cascade cutting effect which is well suited for processing hard or thick materials, and is also a popular choice when granulating profiles. The C-rotor is available with 3, 5 or 7 staggered rows of blades depending on the model.

GXC series granulators from 55kw to 315kw were specially designed for high throughput processing. With a variety of rotor configurations, the granulators have a wide range of applications--hollow and voluminous material such as plastic drums, crates and chairs; flexible materials such as film, woven big-bogs and rubber; hard and thick materials such as profiles and thick sheets; and other general plastics.

The series has a number of excellent features. The welded solid steel construction and compact design save space. The two-piece cutting chamber is divided at an inclined angle so the chamber can be opened easily and quickly. The easy chamber access saves maintenance time. Bearings and housings are located outside of the cutting chamber to prevent dirt or dust from damaging the bearings. The grease does not get into the cutting chamber. Rotor knives and counter knives can be adjusted from the outside of the granulator. A knife setting gauge is a standard accessory. The distance between the edge of the rotor knife to the screen can be set easily. Three rows of counter knives are mounted around the cutting circle; one row of counter knives is removable for different applications. Changeable wear plates made from special steel are mounted on both sides of the rotor. Screw conveyor is installed under the screen for discharge of material. Rotor lock and rotor speed sensor are installed for maintenance safety.

Standard Features

  • Strong, welded construction from heavy gauge steel plate
  • Inclined, split cutting chamber design
  • Oversized, outboard spherical rotor bearings to prevent bearing damage from product migration
  • Precision machined rotors (Forward set V-Rotor as standard)
  • Manual, electric and hydraulic chamber opening mechanisms
  • Quick access to the cutting chamber for maintenance and machine clean downs
  • Replaceable wear plates at either end of the rotor shaft
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel - using quality Schneider (Telemecanique) components and Siemens PLC’s
  • Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards

Technical Data

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